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At Assistants that Work, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs and business leaders to achieve their goals by providing top-notch virtual assistant services and proven systems. We understand the demands of running a business, and our dedicated team is committed to helping you thrive. But don't just take our word for it; hear it directly from some of our satisfied clients

What Our Clients Have To Say 


Client Success Stories

Anna Harrison

"One of the things I really appreciate about Greenpath is they don't let you sink when you jump. They're not just taking your money and find your assistant and then they're done. But there're with you every step of the way."

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"I don't have time for everything and business was just taking over my life. I knew that I need an assistant.

ATW is really awesome because it truly showed me that I don't have to put my business on hold. I don't have to take two months off to create all of these processes. There's very easy tricks of the trade to kind of getting everything to put together and organized to be able to hire somebody.

With Greenpath, the actual interview process was really easy. They sent me like a an assessment skills to say like how do I do work and how do I communicate and then they just said, "hey! we have this assistant for you that we think would be really good and she matches up with skill sets that you're looking for."

Now I'm just out doing my thing sending her a text "can you take this quote and make it pretty in Travy?", "can you create this invoice?", "can you send this? you know this final final travel over".

It's great!"

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Tracy Schatz

"I didn't know anything about the overseas Services. I didn't know how what type would or would not work best for me.

When it came to the person they picked, they did explain why that person was picked for me. So, that part was really very easy.

It has been really good because, I can just say to her "hey can you please quote this insurance for me?", "can you make make this payment" and it was just exactly is done.

That's the best moment that's I had to say to her "Are you reading my mind!"."

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 "Hey guys! I just want to make a quick video and give a shout out to Mary Beth because her system works and I'm here to tell you it works!

I'm in this gorgeous Suite and here is my luggage that has my laptop and have not opened it since I left home!

I did have stuff for my assistant to do. She deviated from what I had left for her and took care of my clients. Now I get to go outside and enjoy.

Thanks to Assistants That Work and thanks to my wonderful assistant that is well on her way."

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"I've been in the travel business for 10 years. Now I've had my new assistant for just over a month. Well, yes! it has changed both my business and personal life. I was on vacation last week I hardly worked at all. It was great!. I haven't done that in so many years!"


"When I saw like what you were doing (Assistants That Work), it just spoke to me like, I can't afford not to do this!
It's what I'm doing now is completely unsustainable. I cannot work 12 to 16 hour days and I need help.

I was afraid and yes, it is an investment, it is money that you're spending up front. But, oh my gosh! I mean you've seen the math. It's going to come back to you plus some like, that's a lot! So yeah, sometimes you just have to jump."


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 "I listened to your master class (Assistants That Work) and the first biggest thing that resonated with me, I'm about to lose my mind!. I mean, I was working 80 hours a week for as long as I can remember. Years like, 10 years preco!

It really is lifechanging and all of my assistant systems and all of your systems are amazing. She made it easy it was served up on a silver platter."

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"Mary Beth had this Inbox Overwhelmed to Inbox Zero Challenge. By day four, I was down to inbox zero, zero unread emails in my inbox. I also now have a system for keeping it that way and for prioritizing every day the emails that come in.

I'm getting some free time back in my day. It's been wonderful! Highly recommend!"


Anna Harrison 

I joined ATW because I believe in work life  balance and I knew that without an assistant, this would never be attained.  I had dabbled in part time assistants before but never really made the leap to having a trusted second teammate. I had heard Mary Beth present on this topic before and knew she was an expert so as soon as I saw she had a course I bought it immediately. 

Within only a few weeks of hiring my assistant, I've been able to focus on client intake and trip design instead of admin and followup work.  

Hiring help can be time consuming and frustrating when it doesn't work out.  Taking this course is a shortcut to gaining clarity on what you need help with, what type of assistant you should hire, how to let go of control and actually delegate, where to find your assistant, and how to set up a training protocol for them.  

TJ Hayes

I was in desperate need of a VA and had zero time to figure it all out. So when I saw Mary Beth started a program I knew it was going to be a great program. It was easy to say yes to. 

My assistant is allowing me to stick to the things that bring money and also allows me to stick to boundaries like regular business hours. 

You really can't afford not to join the program? You’re going to make a mistake eventually if you take everything on yourself. 






Ashley Doell 

I was tired of working all the time and knew I needed an assistant but didn’t have the time or energy to figure out HOW to hire one. I knew if I committed to this program and invested the $$ I would be more committed to following through with it. 

Don’t hesitate-  ATW is worth every penny. You will spend months or years of time and trial and error to gain the knowledge that ATW has. Time is money so dive in and go for it!