Meet Mary Beth Lynn

Mary Beth Lynn is the CEO and majority owner of Assistants That Work, helping entrepreneurs fully leverage the power of life-changing virtual assistants in their businesses so they can grow their businesses with the best systems and processes, all while working less and having time for what’s most important. 

Mary Beth’s journey began with her own travel agency, Your Vacation Plan, where the challenges of maintaining a work-life balance became a catalyst for real change. After a difficult but transformative conversation with her husband one night on their gold couch, Mary Beth faced a pivotal decision: she could either scale back her burgeoning travel business or embark on the path of hiring the help she desperately needed.

Choosing to take a leap of faith, Mary Beth hired her first virtual assistant from the Philippines, a decision that not only transformed her business but also her life. By implementing the very systems and processes she now teaches along with her virtual assistant, she successfully reduced her work hours from over 50 hours a week to just an average of 20 hours, all while achieving an impressive 200% year-over-year business growth. 

Her success led to the birth of Assistants That Work. Mary Beth's approach is unique in its focus on creating efficient, systematized processes that empower both the business owner and their assistants, fostering an environment of growth, efficiency, and balance.

Mary Beth has helped thousands of business owners discover the transformative power of effective assistants. Her insight into leveraging the owner/assistant partnership allows entrepreneurs to expand their businesses while maintaining a healthy work-life balance with the power of a life-changing assistant.

Meet Robbie Lynn

Robbie Lynn has been leading efforts to scale business and corporate technology programs for over 10 years. He is regularly called upon for his expertise in scaling technology operations for rapidly growing organizations. Alongside his wife Mary Beth Lynn, a leader in the Travel & Hospitality sector, Robbie’s mission is to help business owners achieve more while positively impacting their personal lives and professional journeys. 

Robbie quickly emerged as a technology leader within the ticketing industry, helping scale one of the fastest growing ticketing companies in the United States by over 446% in just four years. He then did the same in the insurance industry, helping the nation’s leading Medicare insurance brokerage achieve over 300% growth in less than one year. 

He uses his leadership experience from scaling technology and operational processes in rapidly growing companies to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses the right way with proven systems, technology, and virtual assistants, freeing them up to focus on growth strategies and the most important parts of their business, all while working less.